About Me

I grew up in Boise, ID and have been living in Southern California since 1999. Growing up I was always smaller than most kids my age. I would do what I could to exercise and try to put muscle on my frame, but it just did not work. When I graduated high school, I only weighed 135 pounds. 

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1994. During my time on Active Duty, I have covered multiple campaigns with combat tours to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Being a Marine, one tends to stay competitive with their peers; but I needed more of a challenge.  I became serious about living a healthy and fit lifestyle in 2009, and started taking courses to truly understand the science behind the human body, resistance training and nutrition. I have earned the title’s International Sports Sciences Association Master Trainer and Elite Trainer.

When the NPC/IFBB establishing a new Division: Men’s Physique, I saw that as a new challenge. I just couldn’t see myself being a Fitness Trainer and not setting the example for my clients, so I began competing in 2013, with a goal to earn an IFBB Pro card, qualify, and compete on the biggest stage as a professional athlete at the Mr. Olympia.


National Physique Committee (NPC) Men’s Physique competitor.

Competition History:

2014 NPC Spartan Championships. Men’s Physique Masters 35+ B 8th Place.

2014 NPC Grand Prix Championships. Men’s Physique Masters 35+ B 5th Place.

2013 Southern California Championships, MP35+ B 10th Place


Awarded the distinguished title of ISSA Master Trainer™ and Elite Trainer.

Certified Fitness Trainer: Certified Since 2011

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition: Certified Since 2011

Specialist in Exercise Therapy: Certified Since 2011

Specialist in Strength and Conditioning: Certified Since 2013

Specialist in Youth Fitness: Certified Since 2013

Specialist in Senior Fitness: Certified Since 2013

Anyone can have a strong fit body. I believe training the mind is just as important as training the body. I stay motivated by helping others reach and sustain a healthy lifestyle, and I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals. Perfection takes time and dedication. Can perfection be truly reached? Yes, with time and dedication.

For regular people like you and I, it’s all about proper time management to schedule needed training time around our regular day jobs. Together we can make a difference to better each other, with different challenges of nutrition and fitness.

EAT AND TRAIN, Never Diet and Exercise.