NPC Novice or Open which to choose?

Why are you competing? For most it’s to earn your IFBB Pro Card in the future. Others it’s a fitness goal to step on stage just once. But when you do you won’t stop…


Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Figure you only get TEN (10) seconds on Stage.

Women’s Physique, Fitness, and Bodybuilding you get a Lifetime on Stage.


If you have countless dollars $$$ to Burn don’t bother reading the rest of this article. You have a silver spoon in your mouth and need not worry about anything. Lol just kidding 🙂

A True Novice is an Athlete that has never entered an NPC event.

If an Athlete has placed in the top ten of any National Event, the Athlete is no longer considered a Novice.

Going back to my first question: Why are you competing? You have to compete at a National Level Event if you want to earn your IFBB Pro Card. You don’t win your IFBB Pro Card, you F’in Earn it. You WONT qualify for Nationals hitting the Stage as a Novice Competitor…

It’s your first competition. Which do you pick?

I say Open. Very few Athletes Earn an IFBB Pro card only competing one year. I could kind of understand why an Athlete that gets a Lifetime on Stage to compete in Novice and Open to work the jitters out during Novice and maybe have it figures out before hitting the Stage again for Open. Are you really going to compete in Novice and Open Every Time you compete before you qualify for Nationals? Why?

Athletes that only get 10 seconds on Stage will it really make much of a difference hitting the Stage in Novice and jumping right back on Stage for the Open class?

Save your money if you’re an Athlete that only gets 10 seconds on stage. You have to pay for both Novice and Open. In my area it’s $120 to compete. So $240 if you choice both Novice and Open. If you’re doing a crossover because you’re still not sure what you want to focus on while pursuing your IFBB Pro card you could kick down $480 to hit the Stage 4 times at just one competition. If you’re winning it would be pretty cool to bring home possibly 8 trophies at just one show, but the only First Place Win that matters is if you compete in the Open Class… Winning in the Novice Class won’t qualify you for the National Stage…

I always hear it. My “Coach” say’s to do both so I have more experience on Stage. Really? My bet is that your “Coach” is like all the others and want’s to plaster your pic on Social Media and brag about how Great he or she did making you a Winner. So he or she gets two chances of you bringing home the hardware. You Earned that Trophy NOT you “coach”… off my rant lol

If you’re a Genetic Monster and that will be your first and ONLY competition before hitting the National Level Stage and you can predict the Future, winning that show, hitting Nationals for your next show and earning your IFBB Pro Card at your First National Level competition. YES you need the experience and should do Novice and Open.

Seriously, just compete in the Open Class.

My first Competition No I didn’t compete as a Novice. I didn’t compete in the Open Class either. Masters Baby. Yes I’m already qualified for some National Level competitions… 😉

I can compete in Novice, Open and Masters. = $360

Will I ever compete as a Novice? No

Will I compete in the Open Class? Yes, after I Win Overall as a Masters competitor and bring home a Sword. I’ll hit the competitive Stage in the Open Class just to see how I stack up against the 20 year old competitors. When I make the journey to the National Stage at an attempt to Earn my IFBB Pro Card it will be as a Masters competitor.


*this article is for the 34 years of age and younger Competitors.

*teenage competitors for some competitions starts at 16 years of age, you must be 18 years of age to compete in the open class.

*Open is also referred to as Unlimited.